Sommiano is a small village in the hills of Chianti. It is located in the municipal district of Cerreto Guidi, an hilly area which overlooks on the Appennino’s chain. In this area there are good climate conditions to grow vines. Our vineyards grow on calcareous fields and these are of clayey nature. There is a strong presence of white shells, which show that there was the sea in this place in past. Winters are not too cold, the Summers rarely exceed high temperatures.

These climate condition, with the temperature variations between night and day and the influence of the Mediterranean Sea, allow us to produce  perfumed , intense, complex and very fine wines. These wines are able to keep freshness and minerality during aging.

It’s also an ideal place for every kind of stay, because it’s located 30 km from the most important Tuscan places, such as Florence, Pisa and Lucca. Moreover from here, you can reach in a few minutes Vinci, the Birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci.