The extra virgin olive oil is one of the most prestigious products of the Farm Sommiano.

Our oil is obtained by the varieties of olives Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino.

The herbaceous species, that grow near the trees, protect the ground from the violent rains and moreover they enrich the soil with precious organic substance. This substance is very important to create the perfect structure of the soil. We don’t use herbicidals, but when the grass has reached the right height, we grind it.

This is our way to cultivate the ground, with a completely natural method.

Some olive trees have been replanted in 1985 because of a rigid winter, when the temperatures  are dropped several degrees below zero, and they have sacrificed many olive groves.

The harvesting of olives  is totally made by hand and the oil’s extraction is carried within 48 hours.

The extraction of oil follows a classic method , which separates the oil from olive pomace , thanks to a pressure filtration . With this kind of process , the oil is diluted with cold water , and later it is separated from water . In this way oil keeps unchanged own organoleptic qualities and antioxidants . The oil doesn’t subject other working after crushing . The quality of the product is very good and the conservation is greater than other kind of pressure . The possible presence of sediment is the security of a spontaneous product . Our oil has got typical features of Florence ‘s hill areas : the color is green with golden tints , the smell is intense and fruity , and it is characterised with notes of tomatoes , artichokes and bitter almond . The taste is spicy , with a light flavor of green olives . The content of tocopherols and poliphenols is important , thanks to the presence of Frantoio . The average acidity is included between 0.1 and 0.2.

A good way to eat the extra virgin olive oil of Sommiano is the “Bruschetta”. It is a slice of bread slightly toasted, or with salads, soups, boiled fish and grilled roast. Oil enriches the taste of food but it’s good also for the health of people.